Links and Resources



California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle)

California Resource Recovery Association (CRRA)

The Northern California Recycling Association (NCRA)


Interactive Links

California Air Resources Board - CoolCalifornia site - Funding Wizard, Carbon Footprint Calculator

National Geographic - Human Footprint

"How It's Made" - (YouTube video) Recycling plastic bottles into polyester yarn


Local Links

UC Merced Recycling Program

University of California Ag and Natural Resources - Merced County Cooperative Extension


Related Links

Buying recycled / Green Products

CalRecycle - Bottles and Cans, CRV Information

California Materials Exchange Program - CalMAX


Earth 911 - Lists recycling locations based on zip codes, Features Eco-News

Earth Day

Electronic Recyclers International - America's #1 E-waste Recycler

eRecycle - a CalRecycle website

Cell Phone Recycling Infographic

Verizon Cell Phone Trade-In Program

Fun Facts - Great information found on the Curbside Value Partnership website

GreenPrint - Saving Money Today, Trees Tomorrow

National Recycling Coalition

Our - Ways to recycle and reduce waste, and other information


Recycled Plastics Markets

What can I recycle curbside?

Where can I recycle?


Starting a Program

Global Soap Project - an oganization that accepts soap bars, reprocesses and donates them to existing relief organizations that serve refugees, orphans, and disaster victims.

Start a Program - Recycling Program Information from the Curbside Value Partnership

Waste-Free Lunches