Recycling Information for Residents


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CRV Info
- Information and buy-back locations for eligible California Refund Value (CRV) containers

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CFL Bulb Recycling - Drop off locations for intact (not broken) compact fluorescent light bulbs


Containers imageCurbside Information - Lists of what to place into the curbside green waste,
recycling, and solid waste containers
(colors of containers vary with location)


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E-Waste Recycling - List of drop off locations and companies that accept electronics for recycling
(some restrictions and/or fees may apply, depending on the location)


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Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)
- Examples of HHW and how to dispose of it properly




Click here for contact information of your trash/recycling service provider.


Recycling Drop-off Centers

Four recycling drop off locations within Merced County are listed below.


(For Information on California Refund Value Buyback Centers, visit our CRV page)

No-cost recycling drop off locations:

17173 S. Billy Wright Road, Los Banos

Hours of Operation:

Mon. - Fri.: 8 AM - 3:30 PM,
Sat.: 8 AM - 12 PM

CLOSED Sunday and during the following holidays: New Year's Day; Martin Luther King, Jr. Day; President's Day; Memorial Day; Independence Day; Labor Day; Veterans' Day; Thanksgiving Day; Christmas Day.



2. GUSTINE Recycling Drop Off
(Available to Gustine residents only)

750 East Avenue

Hours: Mon.-Sun.: 7 AM - 3 PM

3. LIVINGSTON Recycling Drop Off
(Available to Livingston residents only)

Behind the Public Works Corporation Yard
2238 Walnut Avenue, off of Industrial Dr.

Hours: Monday - Friday: 7 AM - 3 PM



7040 N. Highway 59, Merced

Hours of Operation:

Mon. - Fri.: 7 AM - 3:30 PM,
Sat.: 8 AM - 12 PM

CLOSED Sunday and during the following holidays: New Year's Day; Martin Luther King, Jr. Day; President's Day; Memorial Day; Independence Day; Labor Day; Veterans' Day, Thanksgiving Day; Christmas Day.

At above locations, you can RECYCLE the following items at no charge:

icon PAPER including flattened cardboard

icon PLASTIC bottles and jugs (lids are okay)

icon METAL cans and clean aluminum foil

icon GLASS bottles and jars


(Please see the right-hand side column for examples of Paper, Plastic, Metal and Glass items that are accepted for recycling.)


PAPER: - Any dry, clean paper or paper product, except NO: face tissue, napkins, paper towels or paper plates. Acceptable paper and paper products are:

  • Bare cardboard rolls
  • Computer paper
  • Flattened cardboard
  • Mail and envelopes
  • Newspaper and Magazines
  • Tissue boxes and food boxes (dispose of interior plastic)
  • Shredded paper (place into a paper bag or empty tissue, cereal or other type of closable box)

PLASTIC: - bottles and jugs.

All bottles and jugs should be emptied.

  • Milk jugs
  • Detergent and other cleaner bottles
  • Soda and water bottles
  • Shampoo and conditioner bottles
  • Plastics NOT in the form of a bottle or jug (items with screw-tops) go into the regular waste container)


  • Clean, aluminum foil
  • Empty beverage cans
  • Empty food cans and containers


  • Empty glass bottles and jars
  • (Window/mirror and broken glass goes into the regular waste container) - Offer things you have that others need, and take things that you need that others are offering. Visit the link, type in Merced County to become a member, and start keeping those "still in good shape" items out of the landfill. -  Find a Recycling or Re-Use Location - Making Every Day Earth Day, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, Green Lifestyle.


Composting Resources

Backyard Composting Guide - an EPA publication

Building your own composting bin - a CalRecycle publication

Home Composting - a CalRecycle website

Vermicompost: Bellevue Elementary's YouthAct Club in Atwater offers red wriggler worms for home vermicomposting (composting with help from the worms), as well as organic compost "tea" for gardens and yards.

For more information, please contact YouthAct Instructor Kristin Bizzini at (209) 357-6140.


Household Hazardous Waste

For all HHW such as, batteries, electronics, computers, TV's, unused paint, fluorescent lights, unused medication and medically-prescribed hypodermic needles, visit our Household Hazardous Waste page.

Tire Care Program and Recycling Information

Tires cannot be disposed of in landfills, however they are collected at the landfills for transport to a certified tire recycling facility. View/Print the Tire Brochure. Visit the Landfill page for more information on tire recycling.